Saturday, 20 December 2014

For  Any Requirement for orthopedic Implants please write to us for the best rates Find few of the pics from our instruments set
Amp Instruments set

Angled plate instruments set
Bending Press

 DHS/DCS Instrument set

Elastic nail Instruments
 Ender nail instruments

Tubular plate instruments
 Femoral Distractor
 Flexible Reamer with Bit
 Hudzon Brace Instruments
 S P Nail Instruments/Jewett nail Instruments set
 K wire Container
 K nail Instuments
 K wire Tractor
 Universal Hand drill close gear
 Pelvic Instruments set
 PFN nail instruments
 Reduction forcep with ratchet lock
 Rigid Reamer/ T-handle Reamer

 Self Retaining Retractor
 Skin Grafting Knife
 Rush nail Instruments/Square nail Instuments
 Staple Instruments
 Universal Drill machine

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